Yogurt & Whey

Recipes of an Iranian Immigrant Life

Yogurt & Whey: Recipes of an Iranian Immigrant Life is a collection of recipes reflecting a life affected by immigration, community, adaptation, and experimentation—and sublime, old-world, creamy yogurt.

Homa Dashtaki, founder of The White Moustache, employs the same traditional Iranian methods of making yogurt that her family has for generations. Her passion culminates in inspiring the use of a new ingredient: whey, the liquid gold extracted from straining homemade yogurt.

Enlivened by hand-drawn illustrations and dreamy photographs, Yogurt & Whey is a beautiful homage to Iranian yogurt traditions—past, present, and future.

Homa Dashtaki

Homa Dashtaki is the founder of the White Moustache. Her artisanal yogurt has garnered acclaim from the New York Times, Vogue, Bon Appétit, and Food & Wine. She was born in Iran and now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

You can learn more about her, or contact her directly, at her web site.