The White Moustache is a story written to my family and to my fellow Zoroastrians living in Iran, India and Los Angeles. It’s a story that’s personal and a story that’s general.

It’s a story that The Economist wrote about when we were kicked out of California when all we wanted to do was sell small batch yogurt in local Los Angeles farmers’ markets.

Sometimes, it’s easiest to tell this story by what others have written. For me, it’s about a dedication to yogurt.

We incubate each batch using old-world techniques, the way my grandmother and her grandmother (and probably your grandmother) used to do it. Then we strain it slowly using good old-fashioned elbow grease and gravity in order to get a consistent thick texture.

We think we’ve perfected the healthy means of making yogurt without machines and without excess energy use while promoting an eco-friendly and completely organic environment for our yogurt cultures to flourish. We don’t add any preservatives, salt, sugar, cream or even extra probiotics. We want The White Moustache to be as natural as possible.

We’re a father/daughter business. Despite numerous arguments about temperature, marketing and that one time we simultaneously fired each other – we really enjoy sharing our time making a delicious product for our loved ones to enjoy.

If you want more, here’s twenty minutes of me explaining where we’re coming from and where we’re heading to.


This is my dad. His name is Goshtasb.
His moustache? That’s how we got our name.

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