Let’s Eat

More town. More food. No hike.

Stranger Danger

Each of our adventures are private and custom-built just for you – and those lucky souls you invite.

Simon Says

You pick the time you want to start and you decide where we meet.

Dine & Dash

At each stop, you just eat, drink, and leave. We take care of the bill & the tip.

More town. More food. No hike. We believed we could show off the city in a more authentic and tasty way if we’d abandon the sponsored sample trays and long walks of a standard food tour. Of this belief, the one and only eating tour on wheels was born. We visit the best places and order only the best of the menu ensuring you generous tastes at every stop. There is no limit.

Starts at $300 for three hours of eating for two people.

While each tour can be completed in 3 hours with a minimum of 4 stops, some opt for an extra hour, giving the belly a bit more time to recover between stops. $300 covers two people for a three hour eating excursion. Simply add $125 for each additional eater you would like to invite or $125 for each additional hour of eating you’d like to add on. (Kids under 10 are free when accompanied by a paying adult.) All the food, beverages, fuel, & parking fees (and tickets) are included. (We’re really good at creating events for large groups up to 60 people. We would love a chance to spoil your entire family or office.)

SEATTLE [206] 552-0950

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Vancouver [604] 259-9771

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  • The Pork Parade – Each stop features a bite of pig.
  • Sunny Side Up – A progressive breakfast.
  • Glorious Gastro – The finest cuisine paired with handmade cocktails.
  • Bottom Feeder Scrounge – If it swims, we eat it.
  • Outer Ring – A voracious ring around the Lake.
  • World of 99 – Wild expedition from Everett to White Center.
  • 6 Hills – Best of the best of Seattle’s 6 hill-mounted neighborhoods.
  • Pie it Up – Sweet and savory pies.
  • Veggie Power – Vegan, gluten-free, and/or vegetarian fare.
  • Caffiends – Examination of coffee beans, brews, roasts, and baristas.
  • Southern Baptist Beer Tour – A mini brewery/pub tour complete with disguise.
  • Forage – culinary gourmet specialty shops on display.
  • SeattleFoodTruck.com – We eat “where the trucks are”.
  • Boob Tube – If you saw it on TV, you’ll taste it here.
  • Cupcake Safari – Intimate exploration of cupcakes.
  • Weed & Feed - Start with cannabis and end with sweet and savory grub.
  • WCNYC – New York City here on the West Coast.
  • Reformed Beer Tour – Systematic examination of microbreweries and pubs.